• Fall 2020
  • Location: Animal Science A130
  • Time: 8:00-8:50am (MWF)
  • Prerequisites: AGRO-315 and STAT-801 or equivalent, or permission of the instructor(s).

Texts and Reading Materials

  • Falconer & Mackay, Quantitative Genetics

  • Basic R: Quick online reference for data input, basic statistics, and plots.
  • STHDA: Statistical tools for high-throughput data analysis.


The HTML slides will likely be posted on Sunday pm for the next week. The slides are subject to change before the class.

Statistical Foundations [Handouts in canvas]

  • 10/5 (M): Probability and statistics [HTML]
  • 10/7 (W): Covariance and regression [HTML]
  • 10/9 (F): R for basic quantiative genetics calculation [Zoom, lab1]

Population values and means [F&M Ch.7]

  • 10/12 (M): Average effect of an allele [HTML]
  • 10/14 (W): Breeding value, dominance, and interaction [HTML]
  • 10/16 (F): R for breeding value interpretation [Zoom, lab2]

Genetic components of variance [F&M Ch.8]

  • 10/19 (M): Variance partitioning [HTML]
  • 10/21 (W): Heritability and Repeatability [HTML]
  • 10/23 (F): R for Heritability calculation [HW1 Due] [Zoom, Lab3]

Resemblance between relatives [F&M Ch.9]

  • 10/26 (M): Genetic covariance [HTML]
  • 10/28 (W): Environmental covariance [HTML]
  • 10/30 (F): R for covariance computation [HW2 Due] [Zoom]

Heritability [F&M Ch.10]

  • 11/02 (M): Estimation of heritability [HTML]
  • 11/04 (W): Precision of estimates [HTML]
  • 11/06 (F): Exam III, 8:00-9:00am [in-person exam]

Predicting response to selection [F&M Ch.11]

  • 11/09 (M): The breeder’s equation [HTML]
  • 11/11 (W): Variability in response [HTML]
  • 11/13 (F): Review paper discussion [Zoom], [Due date for peer-review]

Wrapping up of the semester [Slides in canvas]

  • 11/16 (M): Mapping the trait-associated markers [lab4]
  • 11/18 (W): A sib-design example [see Lab4]
  • 11/20 (F): Q&A [Zoom]

Final exam

  • 11/21 (S): 8:00-9:00am (in-person)