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Group photo 2023

Current Lab Members

Jinliang Yang is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at UNL. learn more ...
Gen Xu is a Research Assistant Professor working on maize evolutionary genomics and population genetics. Office: Keim 361. learn more ...

Zhen Wang is a Research Assistant Professor in the department of Ag/Hort. Office: Keim 303. learn more ...
Zhikai Yang is a PhD student majoring in Complex Biosystems. Office: Keim 361.

Eric Rodene is a PhD student in the department of Ag/Hort. Office: PLSH 383.
Hongyu Jin is a PhD student in Complex Biosystems coadvised with Dr. James Schnable. Office: Keim 361.

Musa Ulutas is a PhD student in the department of Ag/Hort, working on sweet corn and root phenotyping.
Luke Olson is an undergraduate student with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Bioinformatics.

Yuchu "Nathan" Ma is a PhD student in the department of Ag/Hort working on sorghum and corn. Previously studied fungal infections of corn in Food Science Department at UNL.
Sai Subhash M.V.S is a PhD rotation student in the Complex BioSystems program. learn more ...

Lab Alumni

  • Wensheng Ding worked as a temp lab technician who obtained a MS degree from FDST at UNL.
  • Kahheetah Barnoskie obtained a MS degree in the department of Ag/Hort, working on native corn.
  • Cassie Palmer rotated in the lab as Ph.D. student in the Complex Biosystems program with a keen interest in Space Ag.
  • Semra Palali Delen: obtained a PhD degree in the department of Ag&Hort.
  • Jenifer Velazquez-Perfecto: an undergraduate student majored in Agricultural and Environmental Science Communications.
  • Nicholas Reikofski: an undergraduate student majored in Agricultural Economics with a minor in Agronomy.
  • Michael Meier: now working as a scientist with Rancho BioSciences.
  • Xin Zhi Khoo: an undergraduate student majoring in Agronomy.
  • Jing Lyu: now working as a PostDoc at the Indiana University.
  • Jinlong Li: a visiting PhD student from China Agricultural University.
  • Jamie Fuqua: a plant biology major undergraduate student.
  • Xuerong Yang: a visiting scholar from Shandong Ag University.
  • Jun Jia Ng: a undergraduate student majoring in Bio-system engineering at UNL.
  • Maribeth Milner: a GIS specialist in the Department.
  • Madelyn Calvert: undergraduate student majored in Biochemistry & Psychology at UNL.
  • Briana Kouma: undergraduate student at UNL.
  • Jessica Chen: high school student in Lincoln East High.
  • Hanchen Zhang: undergradudate student majored in Agriculture Economics at UNL.
  • Miao Hong: undergradudate student majored in chemistry at UNL.
  • John Bernt: undergradudate student.
  • Dr. Mei Zhang: PostDoc 2018-2019. (Associate Professor, Institute of Botany, The Chinese Academy of Sciences).
  • Dr. Raghuprakash Kastoori Ramamurthy: PostDoc 2018-2019.
  • Paulo Yu Xi Gao: undergraduate student majored in business.
  • Sam Polk: undergraduate student majored in plant biology.
  • Qihao (Neil) Sun: undergraduate student majored in Turfgrass and Landscape Management.
  • Dr. Laxman Karki: Part-time Statistician 2017 (First National Bank of Omaha.)