We are always interested in recruiting enthusiatic individuals, i.e. undergraduate, PhD student or PostDoc, to join the lab. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Yang (via jinliang.yang at unl.edu) with your most recent CV to find out the position availabilities.


We are interesed in including undergrads in our research as a paid position, depending on current research needs. Read here to learn about our current projects.

Graduate and PostDoc positions

We are fluctuately looking for graduate and PostDoc who are interested in understanding maize genetics and genomics, developing statistical approaches to enhance genomic selection, and/or applying the statistical approaches to conduct empirical genomic selection using UNL’s state-of-the-art greenhouse facility.

For Postdoc, ideally, she/he would be expected to be familiar with at least one coding language, i.e. R or python, and be proficient in at least one of the areas, i.e. quantitative/population genetics, statistical genomics, bioinformatics, or molecular biology.