Nov., 2019

  • Welcome Xuerong as a visiting scholar from Shandong Ag Unviersity to visit the lab.

Nov., 2019

  • Welcome Jinlong Li, a visiting student from China Ag Unviersity, to join the lab.

October, 2019

September, 2019

  • Welcome Hongyu and Jing join the lab!

July, 2019

  • The awesome CRRI Aim4 team have dug >3,000 roots in three days. The Yang Lab contributed about 800 of them!

  • The Yang Lab are doing summer genomics workshop.

May, 2019

March, 2019

  • The Yang Lab in St. Louis to attend the 2019 maize genetics conference.

Oct., 2018

  • Welcome Semra to join the Yang lab! She will be co-advised by Ismail Dweikat.
  • Congrats to HudsonAlpha to secure a $3.9 million NSF award. Our lab is participating it to work on sorghum nitrogen use efficiency.

Sept., 2018

  • Our KRN paper has finally come out on G3.

August, 2018

  • Wow! Dr. Gen Xu joined the Yang Lab! Welcome Gen!

July, 2018

  • Welcome Dr. Mei Zhang to join the Yang Lab! We are rapidly growing! :)
  • Happy digging days with the Alfano, Schnable, Sigmon, Clemente and other labs.

June, 2018

  • Welcome Eric and Zhikai to join the Yang Lab!

May, 2018

  • Finished the field planting for the NSF funded CRRI project. Looing forward to the scientific outcomes out of this project!

April, 2018

  • Yang Lab is working with Alfano, Clemente and Schnable Labs on 2018 field layout and seed preparation for a NSF funded CRRI project.

Feb., 2018

  • Jinliang visited University of Missouri. It was a fun trip!

Jan., 2018

  • Raghuprakash Kastoori Ramamurthy joined the lab. He will work on genome-wide mapping of mineralome and other projects. Welcome Raghu!
  • Jinliang gave two talks at PAG 2018.

Nov., 2017

  • Happy to host my postdoc advisor Dr. Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra to visit UNL. Always fun to discuss papers and research ideas with Jeff.

Sept, 2017

  • Finally, our diallel heterosis paper has been accepted by PLOS Genetics. Thanks my colleagues for all your efforts.
  • Congrats to HY Lin and colleagues for the eRD-GWAS paper being accepted by Genome Biology.
  • Congrats to Dr. Dong and colleagues for the Tru1 paper being accepted by PNAS.

July, 2017

  • Excited to announce the brand-new Jinliang Yang Lab.
  • We are hiring undergrad, graduate, and postdoc. See people page for more details.

April, 2017

  • Due to some paperwork delay, the starting date of the Yang Lab will postpone to July.

December, 2016

  • Dr. Yang wrapped up his postdoc work at UC Davis and prepared for his new position.
  • The lab website was up and running.