Here you can find the template slides for your weekly report.

Overall guidelines

  • Submit to the Box folder LabPPT in a powerpoint format before the scheduled meeting time.
  • Save as: Name_Month-Date-Year_key-words.pptx.
    • For example: JYang_12-04-2019_linear-mixed-model.pptx.
  • Include a title page with project name, your name, and collaborators’ names if needed
  • Include research results
  • Include any questions or concerns you may have (e.g. courses)

Imgur An example of the title slide.

Research Goals

You should include a slide (or multiple slides if necessary) to explain your

  • overall goals
  • what you did

If there are pictures or schematics, include them. These slides can be recycled every week. Modify them if necessary.

Imgur List the overall goals and the current progress.

Research slides

Slides should include results. For example:

  • Data (graphs)
  • Images of “things” analyzed (if appropriate)
  • Details on how measurement was performed

There may be multiple results slides, both for individual data sets as well as statistical analysis across data sets.

Imgur An example of the result slide, with a title, figures, and the necessary details.

Last slide

The last slide should outline:

  • To Do list
    • Your next steps
    • Any key hurdles — however small or large
  • Other plans:
    • Any questions you have not related to your research
    • Course questions
    • Any upcoming vacations

Imgur Some example contents may be included in your last slide.